Sahara Slovakia

5 - 6.8.2022

Event focused on military history and military technology from the past century

Information about event

General information

5.8. - 6.8.2022

Main program is on Saturday 6.8.2022

Coordinates for event

Latitude:48.5360911 Longitude:17.2472076

19th year

It is one of the oldest event of its kind in Slovakia ,established in 2002


SAHARA is visited by more than 10.000 viewers every year

About us

SAHARA – is meeting of owners of military historic vehicles and clubs of military history on Slovakia and the most important military event of the year on sand. Every year it takes place in military area on ‘‘Zahorie’’ which is very similar to a Sahara desert. And because of that specialization of the terrain we called it SAHARA.

SAHARA – is always organized at the end of August, because during these days we commemorate the anniversary and tradition of one of Europe's largest anti-Nazi resistance appearances - the Slovak National Uprising. Organizers of SAHARA usually take inspiration and philosophy of their activities from this historical milestone of the Slovak past.

SAHARA – is an event worth attending. It is one of the most unique events of this kind in Europe - and the biggest and most significant in the Slovak republic.

SAHARA – is an event mainly focused on military history and military technology of the 20th century. In the beginning, it was a meeting allowing a community of veterans to present civil and military veteran cars and provide competitive rides with them. Nowadays, it is also possible to take part in interestingly prepared races for vehicles that run in demanding sandy terrain. As part of the races, competitors can try their vehicle in these extreme conditions and compete among themselves in several categories. Every contest is evaluated and successful contestants are rewarded with valuable prizes. In addition to the exhibition of military historical technologies, competitions, and defiles, the combat demonstrations directed by military historical clubs, mostly on the topic of World War II and the Slovak National Uprising, are also an important part of the program. Events of post-war history (the Czechoslovak People's Army - ČSLA) are also presented. Nowadays, Military Technical and Testing Institute Záhorie provides a display of their activities.

SAHARA – is a free time cultural event for the general public aimed at protection and development of historical and cultural heritage with a focus on a military history. This event is not only attended by a laic public, but also by enthusiasts of military technical equipment or military in general, and supporters of military-historical issues. There are a few events of this kind, but SAHARA distinguishes itself mainly by its effort to popularize the military history of Slovakia and to disseminate awareness of the history of wars and armed conflicts, the development of the army, weapons, and other military machines. In addition to the educational and cultural mission, the SAHARA event gradually developed into a bearer of military traditions and promoter of military history, linked to the period of World War II and the Slovak National Uprising.

Information for the public

Shuttle bus(departures and arrivals of buses are only approximate)

5. august 2022 (Friday)
Number of buses: 1
Timetable: from 08.00 h till 17.00 h every 40 minutes

6. august 2022 (saturday)
Number of buses: 3
From 08.00 h – 11.00 h every 20 minutes
From 12.00 h – 14.00 h every hour
From 15.00 h – 19.00 h every 20 minutes

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The main program of SAHARA 2022 will take place on 6 August 2022.

The ticket sale for the SAHARA takes place only at the gate before entering the area in the stands labelled KASSA. (Card payment is not possible.)

(We encourage all pet owners not to bring their pets to the event because the sound effects can seriously damage their hearing.)

The entry conditions to military area (HERE)
The use of any unmanned reconnaissance means, drones, etc. throughout the territory of the Záhorie Military District during the SAHARA 2022 is strictly prohibited. By violating this prohibition, you are subjected to sanctions and at the same time you endanger the fluent running of the event.

Event starts

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Ministerstvo obrany Slovenskej republiky

Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic

Ozbrojené sily Slovenskej republiky

Armed forces of the Slovak Republic



VTSU Záhorie

VTSU Záhorie

Kriminalistický a expertízny ústav Policajného zboru

Criminalistic and expert institute of the Police Corps

Hasičský a záchranný zbor

Fire and Rescue Service


Caffé Moak



Múzeum SNP

Museum SNP

Predaj a požičovňa štvorkoliek

Sale and rental of quads

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Mobilita servis, spol. s r.o